The Midwest Book Review:

An intriguing and worthwhile read.

Highly recommended.

B8ZS Book Review - Amazon:

A fantastic read.

Difficult to put down.

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I've been a registered nurse for over 16 years. I've worked in a variety of healthcare facilities, more so than many of my co-workers, from nursing homes to just about every floor a hospital has to offer. Each time I changed jobs, I sought to advance my knowledge by moving up to the next level of skill and competence. This forward and upward motion has given me a unique opportunity to experience a wide range of patient care, and has given me great insight into the healthcare industry.
Chapter 1- Baptism by Fire

Chapter 2- Back to the Fetus

Chapter 3- Drip...Drip...Chinese Torture

Chapter 4- Ghosts, Elopers, and a Face-off

Chapter 5- Voodoo Curse

Chapter 6- What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Crazier

Chapter 7- Meet the Fatlings

Chapter 8- Is that a Doll Up Your Ass?

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