Chapter 3 - Drip...Drip...Chinese Torture
Excerpt and Video Interview
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From the beginning, I started off on the wrong foot with Po. Being

a free spirit and the product of a free country, I didn't respond well

to dictatorship. Po’s cultural mindset was, by keeping employees at

odds with each other, there's less possibility of mutinies, uprisings,

or troublemaking. But I wasn’t going to ignore my coworkers other

than when I needed them. Socializing with others helps keep you

awake and alert on night shift, and camaraderie inspires teamwork.

By communicating with the NAs, I found out Po was sleeping at

night in the nursing office - she had good reason to keep us



Indeed, I noticed soon after night shift started, Po seemed to disappear, then predictably re-appear in the mornings in time to collect the census papers, just like Pat had. A couple of times I tried to hunt my supervisor down, but she was nowhere to be found in the three-story building. She rarely made an appearance unless there was a problem, which didn’t happen often.  Maybe sleeping on the job was a pre-requisite for night supervisors. I channeled my frustration by mocking Po and nicknaming her “Pol Pot.”  The NAs warned me to be careful, but I threw caution to the wind.

Po rarely spoke to me, but on this particular morning, she approached me after I'd reported off to the day shift nurse. She coldly informed me the DON wanted to see me in her office before I left. There's only one reason to be called into the DON's office after shift change, and it's not for a commendation. Termination is usually distressing, but it was a big relief that I wouldn't have to deal with the Chinese torturer anymore. I would learn that hiring, firing, quitting, and rehiring are commonplace in the nursing profession. The same week I was fired by County, I was rehired by WeCare, my former employer, at another nearby location.


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