Chapter 4 - Ghosts, Elopers, and a Face-off
Excerpt and Video Interview
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Then one night, our supervisor came to work and her whole demeanor

had changed. Jane looked mean and hateful, something we weren’t used

to seeing. The unthinkable had happened. Her now fully recovered boy-

friend, who she’d catered to for months and nursed back to health, had

written her a “Dear Jane” letter and reunited with his estranged wife.

Jane had done his dirty work – cared for him, stopped by his house,

picked up his mail, helped with hospital expenses, and endured con-

frontations with her adversary.  She’d walked in on her husband and

baby sitter years ago, and now something snapped.  The fun-loving,

witty supervisor, who’d shared anecdotes about her nursing career,

no longer existed. She’d been replaced by a vengeful, tyran-nical

maniac. I saw first hand that “Hellhath no fury like a woman scorned.” 

The situation also opened up the floodgatesto Jane’s drinking problem,

which apparently had been under control until this emotional disaster.


At the time, I was in the process of divorcing my alcoholic husband and had also dealt with alcoholic relatives.  I was familiar with the manipulative nature and personality transformations exhibited by these people. Dealing with alcoholics is like walking on eggshells. You almost have to adapt a chameleon type persona in order to survive – otherwise, the wrong word or action could set them off.   It was bad enough having to endure this situation at home.  But I would persevere and get through it at the workplace too, and so would Lisa and Gail.
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