Chapter 5 - VOODOO CURSE Excerpt And Video Interview
Click on picture below for video interview
Louise was WeCare’s new DON, an unattractive, unkempt,

inept, spineless person in her sixties. Jane didn’t waste any

time befriending and manipulating the older woman. It

didn’t take long for Jane to get Louise on board with her

agenda. If Jane wanted someone fired, Louise would back

her up . …………


Dan was a 30-something six-foot tall ex-military man

from West Africa. With a well-honed muscular physique

and handsome features, Dan was a ladies man and was

addicted to sex, and boasted that he’d had sex with most

of the women at WeCare.  He once boasted, “Any woman

who isn’t satisfied by the time I get through with her, has

a problem.” I wondered if the women also had STDs after

Dan was through with them. His wife would frequently phone

the facility only to be told that he wasn’t there.……....


One night when we were short-staffed, Arvilla attempted to help out.  But instead of giving a Colace gelcap PO (by mouth) to a patient, the right route, she gave it as a suppository, inserting it up the elderly woman’s rectum.  Fortunately for the ADON, the patient was already confused. Snickering privately, we assumed that like many in management, she’d either forgotten her clinical skills, or never had any to begin with. Then, unexpectedly, Arvilla was no longer a presence at WeCare. … Slipping through the cracks with fake credentials and an attractive appearance, Arvilla had been masquerading as an RN.
Then Jane started receiving death threats, but she didn't seem alarmed. But she was fearful when she started getting threats of voodoo - finally, someone pushed the right button! One day she showed up with an unusual necklace around her neck. When asked about it, Jane explaned that it was an "anti-voodoo necklace." We could only imagine her terror, trying to fall asleep at night with visions of dolls made in her image with pins stuck through them.

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