Chapter 7 - Meet the Fatlings Excerpt And Video Interview
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Then there was Dr. Nichols, who wasn’t quite the surgeon

Dr. Bianchi was. Nurses used to call him Dr. “Nick’em.” 

Dr. Nichols performed colonoscopies and in a dispro-

portionate amount of cases, perforated someone’s colon.

There is always a risk of perforation when a doctor

inserts a flexible scope up the rectum to look around,

but the risk is low unless weakened areas in the bowel



Marie made a lot of mistakes and there were a lot of

near-misses, but management consistently covered

up for her.  But one day her luck ran out. Dr. Hall  

came to check on one of his patients…and was livid

when he walked into the room and saw the man had been off of his oxygen for a while.  The patient had respiratory issues and needed to be on oxygen 24/7, but the nasal cannula was wrapped around the wall meter.  The guy was turning blue and Dr. Hall immediately replaced the nasal cannula so the man could breathe. The patient survived, but Marie’s career at HH didn’t. Her incredible excuse for the incident was, “Ah knew he was off the oxygen, but Ah was busy with another patient.” Apparently, the basics of making sure that a patient can breathe were beneath the MSN.

Later, we were all stunned to learn that the incompetent, dangerous nurse had been hired on the pediatric unit at a Charlotte Hospital. But many with an MSN after their name will be hired in a heart-beat and given a free pass until they kill someone. There are lots of Maries staffing hospitals.


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