Chapter 8 - Is That A Doll Up Your Ass?
Excerpt And Video Interview
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Although the anus is designed to be an exit, many use it as an

entrance.  Some derive sexual pleasure by inserting live animals,

vegetables, and other foreign objects up their rectum. ER staffers

are always amazed and amused when people come to the hospital

to have these things extricated, claiming “I don’t know how it got

up there.” I was appalled when an ER nurse told me that people,

usually men, will actually put live gerbils up their rectums in

order to achieve orgasm. Facilitating tools apparently include a

small PCP pipe and a match or lighter. The little critter is unable

to crawl out, and as death approaches, the animal goes into

seizures – this gives perverted, sick, individuals, erotic pleasure.


We had a man in his early twenties admitted to the floor with a rectal injury.  His boyfriend had shoved a Barbie doll up his rectum - at least it wasn’t a live animal.  Dr. Hall had removed Barbie and sutured the torn areas.  Then one afternoon we heard cries from the patient’s room. While defecating, the stitches had dislodged, and the bathroom floor was awash with blood and feces.  Housekeeping staffers, who’d seen about everything, refused to clean up the mess.  

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